How to Create A Cohesive Halloween Look for $6

Do you know the Salvation Army Thrift Store has a Costume Party Zone!  It’s as fun as it sounds and you can find everything there from décor to costumes!  I didn’t even know where to start!  Since all the items are donated they are not all the same.  Fear not, it’s easy to make a cohesive look for your Halloween décor from the Salvation Army Thrift Store Costume Party Zone, all you need is a little spray paint.

As you can see all the skulls I found looked very different, which could easily work, but I wanted it all to match a little more. First thing I did was decide on a colour scheme, this was mainly chosen for me as I had leftover gold and black spray paint.  I figured by painting the items I had found either gold or black it would bring the décor together!

I love the look of gold and black. I found my leftover spray paint, put down a drop sheet and got to work!  It only took 5 minutes to spray all the items I had from the Costume Party Zone.  My tip for spray paint, WEAR GLOVES!  My hands were gold for a few days.

A total aside, but I sometimes feel like all my photos have to be beautiful even the “making of photos”.  I see all these other tutorials online and I wonder how they keep everything so tidy and create a beautiful scene in the midst of creating?  I am always messy, my work environment is usually the back corner of our yard which is a disaster and there is no way I am going to make it look pretty!  Ok, that is all I have to say on the topic.

I am so HAPPY with how these turned out!  It only took me 5 minutes to spray all the skulls and the two candle holders, they dried overnight and were ready to be used the next day.  I would highly recommend this DIY for anyone on a budget or looking to add more pieces to your Halloween décor!

Did I mention I bought all of these skulls for $6, from the Salvation Army Thrift Store Costume Party Zone?  I already had the spray paint, so my only expense was the skulls.  This is going to look so great at our front door and I cannot wait to decorate! Is it too early?

Anyone else excited to spray paint some décor for the Costume Party Zone? Or maybe you bought something from there already and have updated it in another way!  If so tell me your inspiration below, I would love to hear how you decorated or took an old item and made it new again.