Holiday Mantel for Under $40 With Thrifted Decor

Contributed by: Tijana of A Plentiful Life and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

When we found our new home we were overjoyed to have a real, wood burning fireplace. There’s nothing like lighting a fire on a chilly evening and sitting in the living room. We haven’t really decorated our mantel before but this year I thought it would be fun.

In brainstorming ideas for the mantel decor I thought white, gold and a little black (since it seems to be my colour this year) would look really good. Plus our mantel and walls are more of a beige tone so the white would brighten it up a bit.

I knew I’d be able to find something at my local Salvation Army Thrift Store as they had recently opened up their holiday section. With the colour scheme in mind, I first went in looking for white items. I found the little church first which was a lucky find. Then I saw a white section on the wall display, did I mention I love how the Salvation Army Thrift Store groups items by colour! When you have a plan for what you’re looking for it can make shopping a lot easier.

I had bought bulk flowers for the 20 Minute Table Setting with Wayfair so thought I’d used them for the mantle as well. Two weeks later and they are still alive. Once the flowers are finished I’ll probably put some greenery in the Salvation Army Thrift Store vases.

It’s amazing how a few items can make a big impact. The vases combined with the large Christmas balls look wonderful, the added greenery with the pompoms looks so festive and the black and white stockings are a hit.

Now let’s break down the cost. I know everyone can’t afford new decor every holiday season, so think about what you have and a few items you could add to create a different look.

4 x Vases – $3.99

2 x Vases – $0.99

White Church – $3.99 (This was on a half off day so it was regular $8)

Gold/White Balls – $4.99 (I actually got a big bag these are only a few)

2 x Large Gold Ornaments – $3.99

Little Angels – Already owned

Holiday Stockings – Already owned

TOTAL: $34.90

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