Hola Carmen! Thrifted Costume Inspiration

Contributed by: Style Hunter Fox, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

This Carmen Miranda costume has been in the works for over a year. I didn’t shop with a plan of dressing like the 1940s Brazilian Bombshell but the dress was instant inspiration! I spotted it in the costume section at The Salvation Army Thrift Store last September and couldn’t wait to find the corresponding fake fruit needed for my hat. That, however, didn’t show up until May. The Thrift store does provide but sometimes you need a little patience and tenacity. That was a happy day! 

I used a thrifted t-shirt to fashion the turban and with the help of some vinyl, a chunk of floral foam and plenty of hot glue, realized my tutti-frutti hat! A few Bobbi pins and it seems pretty stable! Fingers crossed. And don’t be surprised to find it living on my mantle forevermore, after Halloween.

All of the tiki style jewelry that I love had been thrifted over time. Piled up together adds the final details to bring my Carmen to life! 

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Now to practice dancing without moving my head like she does.