Hogwarts Themed Party

Contributed by: Style Hunter Fox, Guest Contributor

Summer for many families is all about outdoor adventures and fresh air. We try to get at least a taste of those healthy activities as well! But in my house, summer is all about parties! When I ask my girls in June what they want to do this summer, they blurt out “PLAN PARTIES!” Elaborate, detailed, way over the top PARTIES! Usually one just because it’s summer and a big one for my oldest daughter’s August birthday.

The chosen theme was Hogwarts and much of our main floor was transformed to become the famous school of witchcraft and wizardry.Each corner of the living room was split into the four houses and sorted into their Houses with appropriately coloured, thrifted ties. We actually pulled off making a moving, talking Sorting Hat! It was the brainchild of Dan, my partner, to take a singing Christmas tree apart and build the hat around the bones of the moving mouth and blinking eyes. We slipped an iPhone into the back of the hat during the sorting ceremony and Dan, from the basement, acted the voice, sorting each kid after I said their name. The look of shock on the first girl that was sorted was priceless! They all had so much fun! After sorting they enjoyed a feast in the great hall complete with the requisite sky ceiling, floating candles and the Goblet of Fire.

During setup of these parties I often have this commercial break voice in my head saying “This party brought you by the makers of 3M adhesive strips and The Salvation Army Thrift Store!” All of the various linens, picture frames and potion bottles used for this party came from there and I literally go through dozens of those strips to make these setups sturdy yet temporary.

This was our most elaborate party to date and it took weeks of planning and preparation. We have NO REGRETS! Our greatest family bonding experiences come from these events and we pretty much start planning the next one before we even clean up the last.

What are we doing this year? Work is well underway and the dining room looks more like a workshop than an eating space. I will tell you that there are a lot of cogs and gears used! What do you think the theme could be?