Floral Vintage Dress

Contributed by:Olivia Aimes, Vlogger and Salvation Army Thrift Store Guest Contributor.

For a vintage collector going to a Thrift Store is the equivalent of hunting for treasure in the wild. It's full of excitement and anticipation for what might be discovered! On my latest trip to the Salvation Army Thrift Store on Jane and Lawrence in Toronto, I came across this floral beauty. When an item is from another country (the label says India), I have a difficult time pinpointing the exact era it was from. Judging by the shoulder pads and fabric (100% rayon) I know that it's vintage. 

It looks a little boxy on the hanger but the beautiful, floral print had me sold on trying to style it. There are buttons that run all the way down the front of the dress that I like to unbutton at the bottom to show some leg, and a few at the top. A cute bralette would be great to pair with some lace peeking out at the top. There is string to tie at the back but I actually preferred it in the front. It holds the waist in and gives the dress more form. The Salvation Army Thrift Store has become my new favourite spot to go vintage dress hunting!

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