Floral & Scarves for every season

Contributed by: Jess and Jana, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Experts
                     Creators of the blog, 'This is Jess and Jana.'

We've already mentioned we're big fans of finding ways to get more than one season out of a thrifted item. Scarves are great for that! And the Thrift Store always has such a colourful selection when we visit! We both found bright, floral dresses on our latest visit, but wanted an extra pop of colour. Scarves make excellent headbands like Jess seen above. Go for something lightweight, maybe even on the sheer side, since you want to be able to tie it easily and securely. (As lovely as flannel is, that plaid blanket scarf might be a little too bulky on your head, haha).

Depending on the length, you might have to wrap it around your head twice. If you live anywhere windy, feel free to secure it with a couple bobby pins, haha. We found these for a couple dollars each, and they were a great addition to our colourful outfits! (Added bonus: We'll get to wear them around our neck when it cools down again).