Favourite Thrifted Finds

Contributed by: Olivia Aimes, Vlogger and Guest Contributor

Not only do Thrift Stores guarantee that you will not being wearing something sported my the masses but you can feel good about wearing a recycled piece. Most of my wardrobe is used items and I probably go thrifting once a week (maybe even twice sometimes). National Thrift Shop Day is coming and as a dedicated second hand shopper I thought I would share my top three favourite thrifted pieces. 

My first favourite piece is this golden, off the shoulders crop top (pictured below) that makes me feel confident. It's comfortable but also makes a great staple piece when styling a outfit with just a pair of jeans. 

The second piece is my infamous slip dress that is most definitely a sleepwear. I've never been one to wear clothes based on it's function. I most definitely have over worn this piece for over a year. I wear it tucked in like a cami, over a tee and sometimes on it's on like this pic. I love the black lace detail on it.

My final favourite piece is this velvet bralette (pictured above) that I wear often with my jean jacket and jeans. Velvet is a common theme in my wardrobe because you always feel more fancy, even when sporting a simple pair of sneakers. Thrift stores are often abundant in velvet!

I would probably list 100 more if I could. There are always so many treasures that I find while thrifting. If you haven't tried it already, try hunting for some velvet or slip dresses at your local Salvation Army Thrift Store.