Fashion Trend: How To Dress Parisian

Controbuted by: Anna Lee, Youtuber and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

There’s something about Parisian fashion that is so timeless and classic. I always admire how French girls make their outfits look so effortless when it comes to pairing such classic pieces with modern day wear.  Parisian style has always been a favourite of mine and today I wanted to talk about how you can implement Parisian fashion to your own personal style! 

The key thing here is to take classic simple staples (blazers, plain t-shirts, leather jackets, silk blouses, high waist denim) that you think would fit best to your taste and personal style. Personally I’m very into edgy, vintage, bohemian clothing so I’ll choose items that I feel that would best suit me. Here I took this classic simple slip dress with lace trim and wore my favourite leather moto jacket and I took it even further by making this look more edgy by wearing fishnets, buckled boots, and topped it off with my favourite beret. 

I feel like berets are an instant game changer and it makes such a huge difference on your overall outfit! Parisian style has definitely made its way onto the runway trends and fashion blogging world so I encourage you to challenge yourself and see what type of Parisian outfit you can come up with, good luck!