Contributed by Tijana, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert & Creator of the 'A Plentiful Life' Blog

When our wonderful friends offered to throw us an engagement party, I wanted to feel fabulous!  How do you do that on a budget?  Easy!  Know what you are looking for and how much you want to spend. Plus think of places you will find unique items like The Salvation Army Thrift Store. I love thrift shopping because I can find unique pieces at affordable prices.

A lot of times I post about the clothing I find at the Salvation Army Thrift Store but do you ever look for accessories like bags and shoes? How many times have you bough a pair of shoes only to realize they are too big or small, and they end up collecting dust in your closet.  These are the shoes that end up at the thrift store.  These beige booties above are practically brand new, real leather and so comfortable.  Guess what?  They were only $7.99 at my local Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Bags and purses are a wonderful thrift store investment.  I can usually find a high quality leather purses for under $10 at my local Salvation Army Thrift Store. Would you believe this vintage red leather purse is a Holt Renfrew design!  It was a score at only $8.99!

FRUGAL FASHION FRIDAY: Affordable Engagement Outfit

White Dress: $20 (Winners), Black Long Tank: $2.99 (Salvation Army Thrift Store), Vintage Holt Renfrew Purse: $8.99 (Salvation Army Thrift Store), RoseGold Booties: $7.99 (Salvation Army Thrift Store), Costume Necklace: $15 (H&M)

TOTAL: $54.97

This engagement outfit made me feel stunning at our party!  It was so fun to get dressed up and celebrate with all of our wonderful friends.  I have an idea for this dress!  Stay tuned.  I am going to see about altering it and wearing it for another bridal party!  What do you think?  Would that be an affordable way to use this dress again?

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