Embracing Wildflower Season

Contributed by: Autumn Hachey, Blogger and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

Wildflower season is officially upon us and The Salvation Army Thrift Store has everything you need for showing off pretty blooms. You can always find a wide selection of ceramic vases, but have you ever considered looking in the glassware section? I love the understated look you can achieve with a simple glass bottle or decanter. I found both this drink decanter and this bottle during a recent shopping trip to the St.Clair West location in Toronto. I was actually looking for glassware and just loved the idea of using these vessels for flowers.

After wildflower season- the decanter will make its way into my glassware shelf. (Not pictured here, but the decanter on the left actually came with an adorable cork stopper!). Nothing like decorating your house with wildflowers, it’s the perfect excuse to enjoy some nature and visit your local Thrift Store!