Easy eco-friendly tips to show love to your planet

Contributed by: Anna Lee, Youtuber and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

There’s this saying that goes, 'what you put out into the world is what you’ll get back'. This is so true in many ways where what we literally put out into the world (litter, waste, plastic, throwing out clothes, etc.) is what we’ll get back in return, which is the effect (global warming and environmental pollution). As daunting and scary as this sounds they’re some ways where you can help just by simply making small changes to your life. 

1. Learn to recycle the right way

If you’re ever stuck on which item goes where don’t fret, you can now easily access recycling charts through your smartphone where you can separate your waste into 3 different compartments: plastic, trash, and compost. I always find it helpful and a constant reminder to keep a photo in my phone. 

2. Reduce the use of plastic and paper 

Do what makes you feel comfortable and simply start off by making small changes into your daily life. This could be as easy as using canvas bags instead of plastic bags for grocery shopping, request online receipts when making purchases, bring your own reusable bottle or mug to carry your liquids, pack your meals in reusable containers, and even switch things over to online by sending over electronic documents and even using e-books (my favourite is the kindle app & audible!). 

3. Drive less 

When it comes to this I always try to make this fun for myself by walking more (get that exercise in!), taking the subway, or even carpooling! Sometimes it can be a lot harder especially if you live in the suburbs but try to do the best you can. 

4. Donate donate donate!!! 

You know this wouldn’t be a proper post if I didn’t add this in. I find this last tip very important because there’s so many ways of getting rid of clothes - donate it to your local Salvation Army Thrift Store!

Good luck!