DIY Globe Decor

Contributed by: Tijana, Creator of the A Plentiful Life  Blog and Salvation Army Creative Expert.

A friend asked me to help with a few girlie décor items.  She wants her new home to have some fun feminine elements, so I decided to create a bright pink Inspirational Globe!  Above is what the globe looked like before the transformation!  I found this vintage globe at my local Salvation Army Thrift Store for only $5!

Sometimes items might look a little worn or not perfect, but with a little paint or cleaning it is amazing what you can create.

TO START: The tools

For this DIY I used items I already had on hand.  Spray paint, decoupage glue, a sponge brush and scissors.

STEP 1:  Take the globe apart.  This makes painting much easier.

STEP 2:  Paint the globe.  I had this wonderful pink spray paint and thought it would really make the globe pop!

STEP 3: Cut out paper to decorate the globe.  

STEP 4: Apply the paper cut outs with the decoupage glue.  Here I found it easiest to apply the glue to the back of the paper, place on the globe, apply glue on the front and allow to saturate the paper for a moment.  This made it easier to get the paper to lay flat as it adhered a lot better.

STEP 5: Spray paint the base.  I used a silver spray paint, which was very difficult to use, and as you can see is definitely not perfect, but I liked that it gave it a vintage look.

FINAL: Put the globe back together and voila you have a beautiful piece for a bookcase or desk. I wish we didn’t have boxes everywhere so I could set it up nicely on a desk!


Globe: $5 (Salvation Army Thrift Store)

Paper: $10 (Michael’s Craft Store – I only used a small amount and can use for other DIY’s)

Spray Paint: Free (in crafting kit) approx. $8 each

Paint Sponge: Free (in crafting kit) approx. $2

Decoupage Glue: Free (in crafting kit) approx. $5

Total Cost: $15

Total Cost – if you needed all items: $30

If you are like me and are a huge fan of thrifted décor, I think it is a really great idea to create a Craft Kit.  In your kit I would include glue, scissors, cleaner, a few different colours of spray paint, a paint brush, an exacto knife and a staple gun.  With these few items you can make over anything!  Whether it’s a piece of décor that needs new life with a little spray paint or a chair that could use new material on the seat, this way you are always prepared for the next upcycle!