DIY Costume Jewelry Door Knobs!


Contributed by: Denise of Thrifty by Design, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert 

Love the look of costume jewelry but not the idea? You can easily score swanky clip-ons from your local Salvation Army Thrift Store but what do you do with them? I used them to make one-of-a-kind drawer pulls cause why not!


  •  plain wooden drawer pulls
  • primer
  • craft paint
  • Mod Podge, Varathane or varnish to seal the paint
  • pliers
  • costume jewelry
  • LePage construction adhesive

First you need to track down an awesome pair of clip-on earrings. Visit the jewelry display at your local Sally Ann. I found these for $1.99.

Next up - buy plain wooden drawer pulls from your local hardware store. Find drawer pulls with a flat top. Add a coat of primer then 2-3 coats of craft paint. Allow to dry then seal the paint with Mod Podge, Varathane or varnish.

Now remove the clip-on hardware from the back of the earrings using a pair of pliers.

To adhere the jewelry to the drawer pull use a strong adhesive like LePage construction adhesive. Add the glue to the top of the drawer pull then place the back of the earring to the glue. Hold in place and allow to dry.

And you’re done! You can use your one-of-a-kind drawer pulls for furniture or…

Salvaged wood organizers! Atleast this is what I used them for to add some pizzazz to my stash of salvaged wood organizers. All this cost under $5.

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