Back to the 70’s Style with Anna

Contributed by: Anna Lee, Youtuber and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

I’ll be the first one to admit… I wish I lived in the 70’s. There’s something about this particular fashion era that I love! Everything from floppy hats, to go go boots, to skinny scarves, and flare pants. It’s one of my favourite fashion eras so I thought I’d share a 70’s fall outfit with you guys!

I wanted pair this outfit around my favourite suede skirt that I picked up from The Salvation Army Thrift Store. The dark brown suede skirt just screams 70’s to me, so I had to add a white scarf blouse, some brown boots, and a floppy hat. 

Since I live in Toronto, I wanted to embody the “city girl” type of look. I just love how everything falls into place with the brown and white tones to this outfit! 

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