7 Thrift Store Gift Ideas + Upcycled Wrapping by Sheri Pavlovic

Contributed by Sheri, Confessions of a Refashionista and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

I absolutely love giving gifts. Finding (or making) the perfect prezzies for everyone on my list gives me a massive case of the warm fuzzies! All of the gifts under my tree have been oh so carefully selected (& created) and absolutely none of them are brand new. Each and every shiny package contains items curated and crafted from the thrift shop, even the groovy wrapping is all completely reused and upcycled!

Grab some inspiration from my 7 fab last minute thrift shop gifts + upcycled DIY wrapping and put together some truly unique sustainable presents this year! Salvation Army Thrift Stores are simply bursting with adorable little wooden boxes and jewellery so why not combine the two into an awesomely unique gift?

It’s easy to create the perfect gift basket for the doll-loving kiddo on your list. (And absolutely everything can be found at the thrift store!) Simply wash the soft toys and hankie blanket in a lingerie bag with your next load of laundry and allow to air dry. Arrange it all in the basket, add a bow from your stash and your groovy gift is ready to go!

Unique artwork can be found in every thrift shop! Those three gorgeous mini Japanese prints are the ideal gift for a faraway friend and wrap up neatly together for shipping in some reused tissue paper + a piece of red plastic packaging tied with a bit of gold border from my stash.

A holiday dish from the thrift store makes a sweet gift when paired with yummy chocolates then wrapped up pretty with some upcycled packing paper, a plastic veggie bag and a strip of festive fabric.

Give the gift of flavour with a thrifted serving bowl filled with the ingredients for their fave side dish! Wrap it all up in a merry thrifted table cloth and proudly present your clever prezzie.

Lovely cup and saucer sets can be found in styles and colours to suit everyone at the thrift shop! Add their favourite tea (or coffee) and wrap with even more of those saved bits of tissue paper, ribbons and veggie bags.

Walking, talking, light up and even unopened toys can be scored at the thrift store! With a bit of adventurous shelf and bin digging I discovered 4 delightful roaring & walking dinos + an unused Pteranodon building kit, awesome! Unfortunately I couldn’t find any dino fabric so I grabbed a sea-themed pillowcase instead. Once everything had been cleaned I popped the dinosaurs into some upcycled fruit packaging, put the whole shebang into the pillowcase giftbag and tied it shut.

This year give the gift of thrift!

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