5 things you can ALWAYS find at the thrift shop & how to use them in your home

Contributed by: Autumn Hachey, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

Home decor and decorating are two of my biggest passions, and you can bet your bottom dollar I find a tonne of great things at the Thrift shop for my designs. I love sprinkling in quirky and unexpected vintage and thrifted details. There’s a few items that I almost exclusively shop for at the thrift shop. To celebrate Thrift Shop Day I’m going to share a few of my favourite go-to’s and how you can use them!

1: Glassware and decanters:

Fancy some lemonade in a nice pitcher? There’s a big glassware section in every thrift shop and I always have really great luck finding cute glassware and pitchers for punch or lemonade! (Usually around $10-$20 a pitcher, it definitely beats buying new!). In the tablescape above, we found all of our decanters, and the glassware at The Salvation Army Thrift Store. For the glassware at the table, we found two sets of three glasses with a similar design, and combined them together to create an eclectic garden party vibe.

2: Baskets:

In most thrift shops the homewares are already  conveniently sorted for you, cutting out a lot of the grunt work. You can always be sure to find a rack somewhere in the shop full of baskets. Baskets are such a quick and easy addition to any room and can be used as visual storage in a closet, underneath a table to hold blankets, or even on your kitchen shelves. They add instant warmth and texture- and bonus points- the are also great for storage. Win win!

3: Brass framed art:

It’s pretty common to find thrifted artwork in the art section. I always say, you have to look past the “art” in the frame if it’s not your style, and instead focus your attention on the frame. People will often donate the art without considering the great frame it’s in. I personally love to collect the thin brass frames and repurpose them with new art.

4: Table Lamps:

This might surprise you, but I find a lot of really cute table lamps at the thrift store. I recommend always giving them a test before you buy, usually the staff are really great about that! Some thrift stores have bigger “home” sections than others, but there’s definitely always a small section with lamps. I will caveat that most of the time they don’t come with lampshades, but that’s something you can easily pick up at a big box store!

5: Vases:

Vases are one of my favourite things to pick up at the Salvation Army because the selection is always so big! Whether you’re looking for something simple like a clear glass vase, or something a bit fancier like an Art Deco ceramic vase.. There are always plenty of options available! (You can even find more unconventional things.. Like a ceramic swan for example- which I wrote about in a previous blog post!)

I don’t know what I would do without the Thrift Shop. It plays such a large role in my design, and in pulling together affordable makeovers. Happy Thrift shop day, let the treasure hunting begin!