5 easy ways on how you can de-clutter your closet

Contributed: Anna Lee, Youtuber and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert

If you’re anything like me and always seem to be in a rush where clothes are laying everywhere in your apartment and shoved into your closet where it looks like a gigantic monster of clothes then this is the post for you. I wanted to share 5 different ways on how you can easily maintain and de-clutter your messy closet! And with the spirit of Earth Day beginning on April 22nd, 2018, I think it’s important to know the importance of being environmentally conscious by simply starting off with de-cluttering your closet and donating your gently worn clothes to a Salvation Army Thrift Store near you! 

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty embarrassed showing the world my closet in this state but this is the reality of it! And yes that’s a candy wrapper on the floor… don’t judge me. Here are some useful tips to help you out:

1.Start off with the easy things

It can be so daunting and overwhelming looking at your messy closet (I mean just look at this photo) so I always suggest to start off with the simple things like taking your clothes out of your closet so that you can visually see where things are suppose to go. And then once that’s done start working your way up to the harder tasks. 

2.Get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in the past 6 months

Hey… let’s face it. It’s time to move on and let go of the clothes you haven’t worn in the past 6 months. I find this the toughest part of de-cluttering because I’m such a big hoarder where I find value and sentiment in EVERYTHING. But that doesn’t excuse the big mess in my closet so it’s time to get a grip and move on! Take all the time you need for this step and try to get rid as much clothes as you can. 

3.Organize your clothes into different categories

Create 3 separate piles where you can give away your used clothes to a thrift store, your friends and family, and re-sell. Yes you can actually re-sell your used clothes and get money in return! There’s so many places where you can easily send off your clothes to buy, sell, trade shops or even create your own online shopping website. But if you don’t have the time to make so many trips then you can always send off all your used clothes to a local Salvation Army Thrift Store where you can get a discounted coupon in return! Either way you’re doing a world a favour by donating your clothes. 

4.   Play music or a TV show while you clean

We’re not done yet folks, we still have to put back the clothes you are going to keep. A great way to let the time pass and stay motivated is to put on your favourite TV show, or your favourite playlist, or even watch some YouTube videos! Whatever it is just do it and I promise you this will make cleaning more enjoyable and fun.

5.Colour coordinate your hanging clothes

This may not be for everybody but just try it out. When you see clothes hanging in a colour-coordinated order everything visually looks better! It’ll just make you appreciate your closet more and make you put things back into order. 

I hope you enjoyed my personal tips on closet de-cluttering! I always tend to do these seasonally so that way I don’t overwhelm my tiny little closet. Good luck!