5 easy ways to be an eco-fashionista

Contributed by: Sheri Pavlovic of Confessions of a Refashionista and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

Welcome the new year with my top 5 eco-fashionista tips and create a sustainable wardrobe that's just your style for 2018!

1.Throw a wardrobe audit swap party. Sort through your closet, drawers, shoes and accessories, have your friends do the same then meet up and have a fab evening swapping your unwanted gear for fab new-to-you wardrobe faves! The completely free and 100% sustainable way to refresh your style!

2. Shop Preloved. By shopping second hand and reusing you are not contributing a penny to the multi-billion dollar fashion industry nor are you unintentionally supporting an unethically produced, unsustainable brand. 

3. Mend and Make Do. Repair and refashion whenever possible and avoid falling into the consumer trap of tossing out and buying new. Not only does this save you money but it also means fewer items will end up in the trash mountains at the landfill.

4. Have a serious think before you make a purchase: Do you really need it? Will it be used often? Is it something you can easily pass on to be appreciated by someone in your circles once you decide you don’t want it anymore? 

5. Take proper care of your wardrobe, keep those favourite items in top condition and they'll last a lifetime!

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