Contributed by Tijana of A Plentiful Life and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert

On Halloween I think it is very easy to go overboard!  Who’s with me?  Here’s how it always happens, you end up with multiple parties to attend, then there’s dressing up for work and purchasing candy to hand out on the actual day! The list never seems to end.

I wanted to discuss a few affordable options using the Salvation Army Thrift Stores Costume Party Zone.  I am very lucky to be working as  Creative Expert with the Salvation Army Thrift Store and before this I didn’t know they had a Costume Party Zone!  You can find anything you need for your Halloween festivities from décor to costumes to wigs and more!

Here are 3 Ways to Stay on Budget with the COSTUME PARTY ZONE:

  •  THE COSTUME| I recently went to the Costume Party Zone, as I have a Halloween party to attend and also wanted to find something to wear to work.  I am not a huge fan of going full out at work so wanted a piece I could wear over my every day clothes.  I was very excited to find both!  I spent a total of $15 for a full Halloween costume and a small piece to wear during my workday.  I will be posting my Halloween costumes later this month on the blog so keep an eye out for them!  All the items above and more were at the Costume Party Zone. 
  • THE DECOR | I was very surprised to find so many options at the Costume Party Zone.  I ended up buying some pumpkin lights, a full glow in the dark skeleton, a couple crows, a tombstone and a half dozen skulls all for $12.  We currently don’t have any Halloween décor so I am starting from scratch and was really happy to find all of these items at one store.  The lights were brand new and the other items were in very good condition. You have to remember with items such as these they are used for a couple weeks and then stored the rest of the year.
  • THE DIY’s | Perhaps you are looking for a look that is more cohesive look, when shopping for secondhand items it’s a little harder so going the DIY route will help to create the look you are wanting.  A few options is using spray paint, which can transform your items in a matter of minutes.  Check out my DIY Skulls, it’s a really easy and affordable DIY to upcycle your Halloween décor with spray paint.  Or perhaps you want a theme with all ghosts, a really simple DIY would be to make ghosts out of sheets, a quick search resulted in 100’s of tutorials.

These are only a few ideas on how to use the Costume Party Zone at the Salvation Army Thrift Store.  Remember to start with a plan.  Whether you are looking for décor or a new costume, make your dream list and stick with it!  Make a budget!  It’s easy to overspend at the Costume Party Zone!

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