10 things you don't need to buy new

Contributed by Denise of Thrifty by Design and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

Your local Salvation Army Thrift Store is an awesome spot for your home decor needs. And there are 10 things I would never buy new since you can always score them secondhand. Whether you’re on a tight budget, want to be green or are looking to make your place a bit eclectic and very you... These are a few of the items you really don't need to buy new or pay a lot for. 

1. Frames

Seriously... You don't need to buy these new. Drop by your local Salvation Army Thrift Store - there's always frames of all sizes available. Some you can leave as is, others you can repaint, stain, use them for prints or cards, etc. 

2. Dishes, glasses and mugs

Dishes, glasses, mugs or any other kitchen needs are easy to find. Mix it up... You don't need to match these things! And you'll luck out every so often finding something high end for a low end price. Score!

I found this funky plate and hung it on my wall. I love how you can find vintage designs that you can then add to a wall feature.

3. Candle holders

Yup - you can find candle holders of all sizes and styles secondhand. I turned these into photo holders by upcycling a wine cork.

I painted and shabby chic-ed a pair of metal candle holders and repurposed them into jewelry organizers/holders.

Or you can just use them as candle holders like these cement ones.

4. Furniture

Buy kewl furniture for cheap. You can easily take something secondhand and make it pretty again if need be. This chair was in desperate need of a refresh. Both the chair and the Ikea fabric were Salvation Army Thrift Store finds.

5. Mirrors

Mirrors can be expensive new. Secondhand can save you money plus you can find awesome mirrors of all shapes and sizes that suit your style.

6. Boxes

Boxes, containers... What have you... These can be found for very little. I love these Polish gift boxes. The one in front is super funky! Use them to store your own stuff or as a reusable gift box.

7. Vases

I'm not big on fresh flowers but that doesn't mean I don't have a collection of vases! I've found all sorts of swanky vases for cheap secondhand. Here are two I have in my kitchen...

8. Coasters

There are always a set or individual coasters to be found. 

9. Tea pots

More home decor fabulousness to be found while thrifting are funky tea pots. I have a few tea pots that I've found over the years... From high end to run of the mill. Here are the two I use regularly.

This is my most recent tea pot purchase... But I didn't buy it for tea. I bought it for a succulent that was in need of a swanky new home.

10. Art 

You can always find paintings, sculptures, etc at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Or you can repurpose a find and make your own art. I upcycled this clip board then clipped a lovely card to it. Tada! DIY art in a jiffy.

You can also frame your own art or photography. Why not print your favourite travel photos and frame them in a thrift store find... Or frame your own drawings, quotes, etc. This is a print I bought at a local craft fair.

And that's my list of secondhand items you don’t need to purchase new. Next time you drop by your local Salvation Army Thrift Store be sure to pick up one or more of these items.

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