As yet another sustainable living initiative, The Salvation Army Thrift Stores of British Columbia have partnered with the Vancouver Recycling Centre and Wastech, a company which facilitates and manages the recycling of municipal solid waste disposal for communities in southwestern British Columbia.

The goal of this initiative is to keep items that are still functional from hastily ending up in a landfill. 

At the Coquitlam Wastech transfer station, (where the community can discard waste, or unwanted goods), a Salvation Army Thrift Store trailer has been stationed. There the Wastech staff act as the first step to the disposal process; they can see what is being thrown away and if there are salvageable items, ask individuals if instead of throwing it into the landfill, they would rather donate their still-useful items to The Salvation Army. Items that would have been thrown away because they were simply no longer the latest version, or the right colour, without a scratch on them, are then saved in the process.