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Are you looking for a unique and cost effective way to add an island to your kitchen? An upcycled dresser or sideboard can really do the trick!

I love the combination of my early 1900's sideboard, and modern maple cabinets in my kitchen. Definitely one of my favourite pieces in my home!

All I did was find a piece that fit my space... more

These chilly September mornings make me want to linger longer over my coffee and stay in my cozy robe. Who has time for that? I have kids to take to school, wardrobes to critique, people to shop for! I’ll have to swap the robe for a sweater instead.

I don’t often dedicate much of my thrifting time to the sweater isle because it takes just that, extra time. Knitwear, by nature, is simply more prone to show signs of wear so it takes a little more scrutiny and care to find pieces that aren’t pilly or frayed. But like every other section of The Salvation Army Thrift Store, here too there are treasures to be found.

One of the most satisfying parts of my job, is figuring out how to take unwanted materials and turn them into something fabulous! 

This week I wanted to share a very special headboard project we just completed, to hopefully inspire you to think outside the box when you see "unwanted" items while out treasure hunting.

This King... more

Along with sending kids back to school, September gives us the blessedly overstuffed issue of Vogue and the need to layer on a fall jacket. Which brings me to my favourite treasure to find at the ... more

Do you know the quickest way to check the quality of wood furniture, while also getting some clues about its age? It's Amanda, your Creative Expert and I'm here to tell you it's all in the joints!

The first thing I do when I'm looking at a piece that I'm considering buying, is pull out the drawers (if applicable). Looking at exactly how the drawers are constructed, tells me... more


Back to school shopping is a family right of passage, every August. With kids activities starting back up too, it’s an expensive time of year! We cut some of those costs by visiting The Salvation Army Thrift Store.

My kids quite like thrifting, actually. They Enjoy perusing the odd and unusual things one can find in the housewares section and imagine them into crafts and Faery garden decorations. Thrift stores... more

Do you ever see a great vintage couch or chair at The Salvation Army Thrift Store, and wonder if it's worth it to reupholster?

... more

How often have you found little treasures at The Salvation Army Thrift Store, but pass them by because you aren't sure how to make them an addition to your decor, and not just another dust collector?

One of my favourite things to do is to collect meaningful pieces (ones that 'speak' to me in one way or another), and create ways to use them in my space that are practical and pretty.

Don't be afraid to use items in ways they weren't intended ~ get creative and think outside the box!

Want to give an older piece of furniture a new, chic and trendy look?

Our Creative Expert, Amanda of Rechic Studio and Design, has some expert paint mixing techniques that makes the finish look professional and oh so good looking!